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Kingdom Imperatives - Part One

Matthew 22:34-38 

We need to understand Kingdom Imperatives.  These are required understanding, acts, and duties to walk in the fullness of God. 

Grace is the free gift of God offered to the unworthy, through the work of Jesus on the cross. We all need the grace of God.

The law is what we see in the Old Testament. We need to understand the law to understand what we read in the Bible. 

Three Types of Laws

  1. Ceremonial Laws: These all point to the purity needed to come into relationship with God. 

  2. Civil Laws: They were under a theocracy

  3. Moral Laws: Moral law is still binding

Today, think about imperatives. These are about our right relationship with God.

What imperatives do we have on top of our understanding of grace and law?

  • Worship. God is worthy of our worship.

  • Prayer. Prayer changes things.  

  • Eternity. This life is temporary and then we stand before God

  • Revelation. God is seen in His word, which teaches us faith and conduct

  • The Church. This is the plan of God for my health and effectiveness.

Pleasing God is my first call.
Matthew 22:37-38 - He is my Lord.

Today, the cultural call to ethical morality is to love man’s heart

The call of scripture is to love God’s heart.  

We cannot love others in a healthy way until we love God with all our being

Love God first is a Kingdom Imperative.




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