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Sermon Outline

1. When we’re faithful to God our ability to reject compromise increases, but the pressure to compromise usually intensifies!

2. Our faithfulness - and God’s resulting favor - make us greater threats to evil and thus, bigger targets of evil.

3. The story of Daniel symbolizes the ongoing clash between the pride of contemporary secularism and atheism, and God’s power

4. Those who refuse to trust God choose to trust things inferior to God - like human experts!

5. When it comes to witnessing we’re never first on the scene!  If God nudges us to speak He’s already been speaking undercover.

6. If we want people to listen to what we believe we must be willing to listen to what they’re thinking.

7. Faith trusts God for what is needed before what is needed arrives.  (Hebrews 11:1)  

8. Those who kneel before God aren’t afraid to stand before kings.  If you’re intimate with God you won’t be intimidated by men.

9. The universe is not a closed system of unthinking, impersonal “cause and effect” that leaves us accountable to no one but ourselves.  It’s the creation of an all-wise, personal God who knows and reveals the future - because He’s in control of it.  And that leaves us accountable to Him!



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