Sermon Outline

Since man cannot create life, he has no right to destroy it.

• Human life is sacred, holy, precious, regardless of how valuable we think it is.

• To truly value life, we must view it through the lens of our impending death.

• The commonality of the Sanctity of Life and the right we rarely talk about - is the right to grieve.

• Grief is the intense emotional response to the pain of a loss. (Kubler Ross and Kessler, 2014).

• Grief is an emotional, spiritual, and psychological journey to healing (Kubler-Ross and Kessler, 2014).

• There is no timeline for when or how grief will impact you.

• Dealing with grief is as difficult as just living in the lie that we are OK.

• Accepting the reality of a loss is the process of recognizing God is in control and releasing our grip on the reins.

• The Sanctity of Life struggle has become a battle of wits instead of a battle for warmth.

• We have to give the head and heart level standing in order to see the sanctity of human life God’s way.

• Where you see grief, please offer grace.

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