Sermon Outline

I’m Grown – Growth is in More Than Just One Direction, Part 2

Pastor Stephen Hayes

Sunday November 27, 2016


Theme – Growth is continually happening for those who are listening for God’s voice, are patient, and who remain true to the right principles.

Recap from last week

  • Growth happens in more than one direction.  Things not visible are happening beneath the surface.

  • Timing – growth requires patience.  Habakkuk 2: 2-4

    • The dreams God gives us may take time to develop.

    • God’s voice comes in different forms, but He speaks clearly if we are listening and paying attention.

    • We should write down dreams so we do not forget them, and can praise God when they are fulfilled.  Our patience produces the prophetic.

  • Pruning – a sign of submission.  We must submit to the pruning process in order to be continually used by God.

  • Sunlight – being positioned under the full glow of God.  

  • Soil – we must be planted in the right place to become fruitful.

  • Ripe – It is not until the fruit is fully ripe that it is ready to be used.

Daniel as an example of growth

  • Daniel 1: 1-8 tells the early events of Daniel and his friends being taken captive to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar.

  • Favor follows growth (verses 3-4).  

    • Daniel and his friends were hand picked to serve the king because of how they had developed and matured as young men.

    • Divine appointments depend on our reactions to what happens around us.  We want to react appropriately in important moments in our destiny.

  • Reject old labels (verse 7) – don’t let old words or names incorrectly limit you for your purpose and destiny.

  • Become consecrated in chaos (verse 8) – there was great confusion around the deported Israelites.  Nevertheless, in this new culture, Daniel remained true to his Godly convictions of what was right and wrong.

  • Embrace the place God has put you.

    • Daniel eventually became a trusted leader in this new kingdom.

    • “When you speak to the King of the universe in the morning it is no big deal to speak to kings and presidents in the afternoon.”  Mark Batterson

    • “It might seem like they have what you want, but you have what they need.”

    • We answer to a higher power and should not be intimidated, or intrigued, by those who only have earthly power.

    • God gives special favor to those who remain under His care.

Reflective Questions for I’m Grown – Growth is in More Than Just One Direction, Part 2

  1. What did Pastor Stephen mean when he said that divine appointments depend on our reactions to what happens around us?  

  2. How might an inappropriate reaction in a difficult circumstance compromise our destiny?  (Use Daniel as an example of someone who reacted positively to his environment.)

  3. How can chaos actually work to our advantage in becoming consecrated (being used by God for His purpose)?

  4. Do you have any personal tips for how to embrace being planted in a difficult environment?