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Sermon Outline

1. Those who aren’t interested in following Jesus aren’t persuaded by miracles.

2. Jesus is who He said He is - even when the world says otherwise!

3. Unbelief is never reasonable! It has its roots in sin, and sin compromises our capacity for reason.

4. Sheep are entirely dependent upon the shepherd who tends them.

5. Sheep learn to recognize and follow their shepherd’s unique voice.

6. Those who reject Jesus and His claims reject their only access to God.  He alone is the way to salvation. (Acts 4:11-12)

7. Any religious leader who offers salvation through anyone other than Jesus and any teaching other than His is a “thief” and a “robber” - not an enlightened humanitarian!

8. Not every religious expression leads to God!  The world’s full of spiritual predators intent upon deceiving and destroying us.

9. The grace of God is free, but it’s also conditional.  If we don’t enter through the door, God won’t drag us over the threshold!

10. Those who follow Jesus are free to engage all of life with unwavering confidence.

11. Salvation isn’t a straitjacket that binds us or a prison that confines us!



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