Sermon Outline

1. A blind spot is an area in someone’s life in which he fails to see himself or his situation realistically, which often causes great damage to the person and those around him. [John Maxwell]

2. Gorilla moments occur when someone rewinds the tape in a way that enables us to see through our blind spot and understand reality as it truly is.

3. You may be blind to reality, but God is not.

4. The One who said He came to “seek and to save the lost,” (Jesus) sought out the one who was seeking Him (Cornelius). (Luke 19:10)

5. Had Peter instead stubbornly clung to an “alternative reality” framed by his own blind spot, the church’s witness to Gentiles everywhere would have been encumbered.

6. As with Peter, there may be many of us today that need a new God-shaped appraisal of our current reality. We need a God-orchestrated gorilla moment to help us see through our own blind spots.

7. Not only do we as individuals need to face our blind spots, but the same is true of churches.

8. God had a plan for Expanded Influence for His Church. But if the church tried to contain God’s plan for the world within the walls of Judaism - the whole effort could flounder.

9. ACAC will find that Church Planting may lead some of us beyond the North Side - into Homestead or other communities.

10. ACAC will find that reaching people who have rejected Christ and the church will require us to adopt new Communication methodologies that are foreign to us.

11. ACAC will find that including new space for children and families in our Campus Redesign will challenge our faith in the way we give.

12. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”


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