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Sermon Outline

1. People tend to hear what they want to hear, and growing numbers of Jesus’ followers want to hear criticism of the church.

2. To embrace Scripture where it aligns with your narrative but ignore it where it refutes your narrative is demonic!

3. A partial truth is a whole lie!

4. Jesus’ time with His disciples only laid the foundation for the church. The full expression of the church began after Pentecost and wasn’t complete until it was shaped by the Spirit through the apostles and their inspired writings!

5. God’s blueprint for the local church includes divinely-called and Spirit-verified leadership and structure.

6. Christian friends hanging together are not a complete expression of the church!

7. Organization isn’t corruption; it’s preparation. It lays the groundwork for greater impact.

8. The anti-congregation movement is prone to romantic radicalism that’s neither romantic or radical because it has minimal impact.

9. When God has important assignments, He calls selfless servants of the church – not self-assured critics of the church.

10. It’s hard to grow in grace if you avoid the need of it!


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