Bible: YouVersion
Sermon Outline

Our God is the Greatest

Psalm 23:1-6

1.The Greatest Possession

2.The Greatest Privilege

Inner Orchestra

Guilt - “I should’ve done this...I should’ve said that”

Greed - “I want it... I need it...I must have it...”

Vanity - “Me up, her down. Me up, him down. Me up, all down.”

Anger - “How could she...how could he”

3.The Greatest Comfort

4.Greatest Promises


1.As you think about your prayer life and praise life…How do you consistently relate to God: as a Tool or a Treasure? Is He more useful to you or beautiful to you?

2.As time passes with your relationship with the Lord, are you growing to be more independent or childlike? How so?

3. What are some lies about yourself and about God you tend to believe when you’re in a dark valley of life?

4. God’s children are currently being pursued by His goodness and mercy; when have you been most aware of that reality?