Sermon Outline
  1. God draws attention to multicultural churches because they witness to His desire.  They look the way His family was meant to look.
  2. Spirit-birthed unity is what God expects.
  3. Disciples who are submitted to God will work at unity. 
  4. Churches that shun the hard work of dwelling in unity give indication they are not fully yielded to God.
  5. The refusal to work toward and preserve God’s desired unity is sin.
  6. It’s unity God desires, not uniformity. Diversity doesn’t mean everyone acts like the majority.
  7. The desire to dwell in unity is a key indicator of spiritual maturity.
  8. Unity flows down, not up.  It begins at the top.
  9. Love for Christ must be the starting point for unity.
  10. The blessings of unity flow to everyone beneath its influence.
  11. Where the Holy Spirit’s influence is being honored our worship, our lifestyles, and our values will reflect God’s desire for unity.
  12. Spirit-birthed unity refreshes our spirits.
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