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Sermon Outline

1. God is the Lord of all the nations and not just Israel and Judah – Amos 1-2

2. The problems in Israel were many: economic injustice (2:6-7a); sexual misconduct (2:7b); idolatry (2:8); pride (6:8).

3. God’s judgments are often in response to sin, but intended to serve as wakeup calls for God’s people to repent.

4. God told the people what they had to do: seek Him and live!

5. Church cannot cover up integrity and morality matters.

6. Amos was not a professional prophet; he was a shepherd and a farmer.

7. Amos did not declare the word of the Lord for a living; he did it because it was his purpose.

8. What would you do if you had all the money you needed to live on?

9. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

10. The intersection of Jesus and culture is that culture mandates we work for a living; Jesus directs us to extend His kingdom through purpose and He will provide for our needs.

Point to remember: You have a purpose, something for you to do that only you can do, something for you to be that only you can be. This purpose is not what you do to earn money but what you do to obey and please God.



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