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Sermon Outline

1. God will call to account those who hate His people.

2. The hatred of the world toward God’s people is predictable, and has very little to do with God’s people!

3. The way a person treats Jesus’ followers reveals that person’s attitude toward God. (Matthew 25:40)

4. Unbelieving people are hostile toward God’s followers precisely because they’re hostile towards God. (John 15:18ff;Romans 8:7)

5. The Edomites despised God’s covenant community and rejoiced in their calamity.

6. When you attack God’s people, God sees, God cares - and God repays!

7. Pride distorts our grasp of reality.

8. The idea of judgment isn’t unworthy of God – or God’s people!

9. The promise of retribution is at the center of the Gospel.

10. The Gospel isn’t weak! It’s the strong statement of a mighty God.



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