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Sermon Outline

1. Pressure doesn’t change who we are; it merely reveals who we are.

2. Faith responds to the hollow threats of unbelief with the rock-solid promises of God.

3. Faith believes God honors His promises.  Presumption believes God honors its desires

4. Faith is founded on the recognition God is God and everyone else is not!

5. Faith doesn’t fear created beings; it trusts in the Creator of all being.   

6. Faith begins and increases with memory.

7. Mature faith trusts in both God’s power and His wisdom!  It’s confident He can do anything but it doesn’t presume to always know what He desires to do!

8. Faith allows God to be God - not the servant of our desires.

9. The suggestion God will always do what we ask may honor His power, but it does so at the expense of His wisdom!

10. Our sincere requests may be vetoed by God’s wise refusals.

11. Mature faith trusts God no matter what it experiences.



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