Sermon Outline

1. While the Spirit shows great patience with us as we grow, He shows absolutely no patience with our sin.

2. Compromise with sin is like compromise with cancer. It only allows it to spread.

3. We want God’s blessings on our terms. But if God is who He says He is, compromising His terms compromises our blessings.

4. We may compromise with sin but sin will never compromise with us! If our devotion doesn’t overrule our compromise our compromise will eventually overrule our devotion.

5. Idolatry is the habit of attaching our deepest hopes and loyalties to someone or something other than God.

6. Difficulty is often the price of devotion. Convenience is usually the death of it.

7. Doctrine isn’t the enemy of love; it defines love, inspires love, and informs love.

8. Maturity takes time, but faithfulness must be immediate.

9. When Jesus’ followers abandon their idols, sinners are more likely to abandon theirs.


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