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Sermon Outline

1. Mature faith trusts in both God’s power and His wisdom because it’s confident of His covenant love.

2. You can’t fully appreciate God’s love until you understand it’s an expression of God’s covenant.

3. God’s covenant love is a constant love because it’s based on who God is - not how we perform.  (Romans 8:38-39; 2 Timothy 2:13)

4.  God’s covenant love isn’t suspended when we walk into a furnace; it’s simply expressed in a different fashion.  It destroys the things that bind us!

5. God’s covenant love uses things intended for our destruction as instruments of our deliverance.

6. Satan knows he can’t separate us from God’s covenant love.  So, he seeks to bind us with things that lead us to doubt that love.

7. Satan peddles the notion faith is essentially adherence to a set of hard-to-obey rules, rather than a relationship with a God of love!

8. A “rules” focus portrays God as a rigid deity who demands the impossible, rather than a loving God who does the impossible on our behalf.

9. Satan strives to convince us God looks and acts like him!

10. Once we embrace a negative concept of God’s love, we imagine faithfulness will leave us bound and burned rather than blessed!

11. All God’s people suffer from some form of bondage.  And while much of God’s liberation takes place outside the furnace, some of it will only occur in the furnace.  And His love won’t deny us that liberation!

12. God wants to enhance our testimony to those bound in sin by enhancing our freedom from the sins that bind us.

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