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Sermon Outline

1. Every one of us has embraced a defining story - a narrative we use to explain our existence and navigate life.

2. The story we adopt has a profound effect on how we engage culture.

3. Those who follow Jesus have to live inside two stories – the one supplied by God and the prevailing story of the culture in which they live.

4. God calls us to witness to those who’ve embraced the counterfeit stories of culture while assuring us they’ll seek to silence His story.

5. Those who embrace God’s story are able to show true tolerance to those who live in another story.

6. Tolerance is shown when God’s people show love to those living in a contrary story.

7. Those who live in God’s story never stand alone.

8. God has purposes we don’t understand, and they’re wider than our politics, our preferences, and our prejudices.

9. The rock in Daniel’s vision symbolized the Kingdom of God.

10. The future belongs to the Kingdom of God!

11. Believers can live with the metals if they remember the rock has landed!



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