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Sermon Outline

1. God will accomplish this great victory, but He will use His church to do it.

2. The terms “Lord of Hosts,” “Mighty God” or “Warrior Hero God” appear 261 times in the Old Testament and in every instance they refer to Jesus.

3. The Hebrew word translated “Mighty God” is El Gibbor – meaning the Heroic Warrior God.  

4. Everything Jesus did was an act of war.

5. Jesus won His victory perfectly.

6. The warfare for the planet had just begun.

7. Israel was given the Promised Land to possess, but they had to fight for it. The church is given the entire planet, but we have to fight for it.  

8. When we do not engage in His warfare we leave people captive to Christ’s enemies.

9. This is a war of conquest - not a defensive war.  

10. Christ has given us the power to kick in the gates of hell and plunder Satan and his demons and rescue God’s people who are held captive.



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