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John 10:10 

The vision of Calvary Church is to help people discover life to the full that Jesus promised
– to have their BEST. LIFE. EVER. 

The person who has life to the full has certain traits about them.

They have peace, security, a sense of fulfillment, a sense of wholeness, and self-control

These people have lives that are the BEST. LIVES. EVER. 

It isn’t about marriage, money, power, fame, control, or even the semblance that all things are going as planned.

These people have a different awareness about them. 

They have:
Peace – knowing that God loves them.

Security – walking in obedience to God’s word.

Fulfillment – knowing their purpose in God.

Wholeness – being a loving part of the body of

Self-Control – the power of the Holy Spirit living in them. 

The BEST. LIFE. EVER. comes in a personal, intimate relationship with God.

That is why our church is called Calvary.

This is the way to your BEST. LIFE. EVER. 



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