Sermon Outline

Make It Personal – What Has God Called You to Give?

Pastor Stephen Hayes and Nancy Lieberman

Sunday November 6, 2016


Theme –  In the Great Commission, Jesus told us to “go.”  As we “go” we should be prepared to give – to return something to our communities – from what God has given to us.

The Word of God is an instruction manual

  • One of the instructions the Bible gives us is to “go.”

  • The Great Commission is the last directive Jesus gave His disciples before ascending back to Heaven.

  • We can’t always control who comes to our church services, but we can control where we take the Church.

  • We should bring our testimony with us as we live in our community.

  • In order to effectively “go” we need to be positioned in the right place to hear from God, be ready to go when He tells us to go, and be committed to finishing the task.

Nancy Lieberman is an example of someone who “goes”

  • Even though she is famous for being an athlete and coach who has broken barriers, she sees herself primarily as a mother.

  • She is giving back to communities around the country through her charity – Nancy Lieberman Charities.

God positioned Nancy Lieberman

  • Nancy grew up in a poor New York City neighborhood.

  • She received kindness and acceptance from the boys who played basketball with her as a young girl.

  • She regarded basketball as the way she would transcend the environment in which she grew up.

Nancy Lieberman was ready when God called her

  • She found out about Jesus, and accepted Him as her savior, through a teammate.

  • After accepting Jesus, she received much negative feedback from her own Jewish community.

  • This experience taught her the importance of reaching out to others.

  • Meeting, and learning from, Muhammad Ali provided an example of someone who gave back to the community.

She is finishing the task

  • One of Nancy’s philosophies is the learning-earning-returning continuum.

  • Nancy Lieberman Charities promotes healthy lifestyles and educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged youth.

  • One of the charity’s projects is Dream Courts, where kids have a nice place to play basketball.  Dream Courts are built to promote community peace through positive interactions.

  • Covenant Church is going to partner with Nancy Lieberman Charities to help build Dream Courts.

Reflective Questions for Make it Personal: What Has God Called You to Give?

  1. In your own words, describe Jesus’ Great Commission.

  2. What did Pastor Stephen mean when he said, “The “go” is different for every person.”?

  3. What was Nancy Lieberman’s “go”?  What has she given back in this “go”?

  4. Can you identify the unique way God has prepared you to give back?

  5. Are there any partnerships you need to establish, or people from which you need to learn, in order to be ready to “go” when God calls you?