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Sermon Outline

1. Familiar words can become formidable barriers to the very values and actions they were meant to produce.  (Matthew 15:8)

2. Our tendency to use words as substitutes for action doesn’t stop at the church door!  It often takes a seat in the sanctuary where it hopes to be reinforced!

3. Words about missions often replace actual missions’ activities.  

4. Full engagement in God’s mission requires more than words and images that move the heart.  It requires a church healthy enough to recognize and respond to the move of the Holy Spirit.

5. There’s an essential connection between corporate worship and missions engagement.

6. Worship is the ordering of our lives around God and His purposes.  (Romans 12:1,2)

7. Corporate worship is gathering in community to honor God.  

8. Worship fuels our love for God.

9. Missions flows out of love for God - not love for people.   

10. Worship nurtures trust in God.  (Psalm 40:3)

11. Worship brings a release of God's power.  (Acts 2:1-13)

12. Worship shifts our focus away from self and self-interests and towards God and His interests.

13. Worship increases our ability to discern the leading of the Spirit.  

14. Worship produces conviction of sin (Isaiah 6)

15. We become like the object of our worship.  (Psalm 115:8)   

A Final Thought

The connection between corporate worship and God’s mission helps explain why corporate worship is often a battleground within the church rather than an exercise that empowers the church for battle.  Satan prefers we battle one another over music rather than battle him over the destiny of lost people!  Remember that the next time he tempts you to lose focus!




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