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Sermon Outline

1.  Resurrection Sunday assures us we can survive the Saturdays of our lives.

2.  For Jesus’ followers the Saturday before His resurrection was a hard day - filled with anxiety and uncertainty!

3.  Our Saturdays are the hard days sandwiched between unexpected loss and God’s promised restoration.

4.  To survive Saturday we must meet Jesus at the place He designates.

5.  Jesus’ directions often sound strange at first, but if we follow them we won’t be disappointed.

6.  Jesus can get anyone out of Saturday - no matter how they’ve failed.  (Luke 1:37; Matthew 19:26; 1 John 1:9)

7.  Saturdays aren’t always the result of our failures.

8.  Faithfulness to God will often put us in Saturdays.

9.  The intersection of life in a fallen creation and life in Jesus is a dangerous one!

10.  Our Saturdays are a necessary fulfillment of Jesus’ promise to us.

11.  Transformation doesn’t happen if every day is Sunday!

12.  Jesus doesn’t take Saturdays off! Saturdays are when He does the things necessary to our Sundays!

13.  Jesus’ resurrection is God’s invitation to survive Saturday!



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