Bible: YouVersion
Sermon Outline

1.Live in the Spirit, v. 26

This means we experience the postures of the Spirit…Luke 4:1-14

a) “full of the Spirit” b) “led by the Spirit” c) “in the power of the Spirit”

2.Be curious about people, v. 27-28

an Ethiopian

a eunuch

a court official of Candace

Queen of the Ethiopians

who was in charge of all her treasure

He had come to Jerusalem to worship was returning seated in his chariot reading the prophet Isaiah

3.Maintain a posture of listening, v. 29

“We serve a speaking God who talks to his people throughout the Bible. We are sons and daughters of a loving Father, who wants relationship with his children. We are the bride of Christ, and husbands and wives talk to each other. We aren’t employed as slaves or servants but welcomed as friends, and friends talk to each other. We are the sheep of our great shepherd, and sheep know their Master’s voice. We are a body in which people prophesy, speak words of wisdom and knowledge, and use other spiritual gifts to edify each other. We may get ourselves into muddle and silliness sometimes, but as Christians, we are those who hear the voice of God.” -Andrew Wilson

4.Understand what evangelism really is, v. 30-34

Evangelism is three things…

a) listening for the invitation b) joining a conversation that is already ongoing c) being second to talk

5.Be Gospel fluent, v. 35

“A person is gospel fluent when the gospel becomes their "mother tongue." They see the world through that filter, they hear the world through that filter, and they know how to speak the truths of the gospel—the truths of Jesus—into the everyday stuff of life.” -Jeff Vanderstelt

Mental worship…

Are you currently living in disobedience to something you know the Holy Spirit has told you to do?

What appetites are currently driving you?

What do you believe about God that keeps you from trusting Him?

Are you more of a “the sky is falling” or a “the Kingdom is coming” person?

Would you consider yourself Gospel fluent?

How do people leave conversations with you?