Did God Really Say?

Genesis 3:1–4 (NIV84)

Have you ever tried to imagine the Garden of Eden?

It had none of our normal temptations.

The enemy keeps giving us this line, “Did God really say?” followed by “It won’t be as bad as He says.”

This is the same line the enemy uses today.

To know the voice of God, you have to settle on the things He has already said.

I. The voice of God - Evangelism

Matthew 28:18–20 (NIV84)

What has God said? Go to the world.

What does the enemy whisper? It’s not that bad; someone else will reach them.

But what has Jesus spoken to us? Go, and I will be with you always.

The Bible is the word of God.

The Bible is the first place we hear God.

When we live in obedience to the Bible in its clear declarations, we put ourselves in a place to hear Him in the intimate places.

II. The voice of God - Those in need

Matthew 25:31–46 (NIV84)

What does the enemy say?

But what God has spoken is what you do for them you do for me!

Why say, “No.”


  1. Not being done in the name of Jesus.
  2. Not really helping.
  3. Not the right timing.


It is important to know the difference between calling and responsibility.

What’s the end result? Reward in Heaven or rejection as one that never really knew him.

Remember it is in the obedience to what He has said clearly that we align ourselves to hear what He says intimately.

III. The voice of God - Salvation

John 3:1–7 (NIV84)

John 3:36 (NIV84)

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