The Kingdom of Heaven

Jesus starts this message with the word ‘blessed,’ and He will use this word nine times throughout the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount.

God wants our souls to be satisfied. 

The Greek word for blessed is Makarios, meaning happy, fortunate, or blissful. 

Blessed is a spirit-satisfaction that comes from being saturated with the presence of God.
This kind of happiness is a gift from God.

The root of Judas’ problem was not in what he saw but in what he didn’t see.

How we see ourselves matters.

Jesus says to see yourself as poor and even bankrupt.

God is holy, set apart, and totally different than us.

Jesus says the blessed person sees himself in comparison to God and recognizes that he is poor and bankrupt. 
This is the person who can be blessed by God. 

Jesus did not come to coddle our egos; Jesus came to resurrect our spirits. 

True satisfaction of the soul is found only in the presence of God.