Where Are We and Where Are We Going?

What makes a church great and holy?

Ephesians 4:11-16

Commitment to the Word

  • This is what we do on Sundays. Almost every Sunday we spend the majority of time during services in the Word. The Word and teaching the Word run through everything we do. In this day, we need a solid foundation to not be blown off course.
  • Make the effort to come consistently to services.
  • Jesus' last call to the Church was to make disciples.

Our Commitment to Others – Missions

  • Local Missions
  • World Missions
    • 52 International Missionaries
    • Missions Trips
    • Operation Christmas Child
  • Jefferson Street Campus


One of our core values is generosity as a church.

To be generous as a church, we have to be generous people.

You can’t begin to be generous until you tithe.

Intimacy with God Through Prayer and Worship

  • It is in prayer and worship that relationship is built.
  • It is in prayer and worship that faith becomes personal.
  • It is in prayer and worship that you begin to hear God’s voice.

What you can do?

  • Make a daily appointment with God.
  • Come once a week to corporate prayer service.
  • Attend worship nights.

THE BIG FOCUS – Pass on The Faith to the Next Generation

  • Kids
  • Reading through the Bible three times
  • Car Questions
  • Junior High
  • Wednesday night service
  • Sunday morning Foundation Class
  • High School
  • Experience the presence of God and hear lessons aimed at their age in life
  • Young Adults – A year ago, we knew we needed a young adults pastor. Why?
  • Students fall away after high school
  • Guests and new families
  • UIS and LLCC Students

This is no time to drift.

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