The Pathway to Love

Goal of this series: That our love for Jesus would grow deeper and richer.

Matthew 28:1-7 – The resurrection story is either the most important event in history or it is the biggest hoax in history. 

John 3:16,John 3:14-15 – John points to Jesus as the One we must look to for salvation. 

Salvation happens around believing

On that day, I believed. I believed that Jesus was the Son of God. I believed my hope for heaven was in Him. 

In the years ahead, I would come to a place of growing recognition

Step-by-step, I had to realize that if He was going to be my Savior, He also had to be my Lord. 

In this time of recognition, I faced things I didn’t want to do and things I didn’t want to give up

It was excuse and deal time. I had begun to pray, worship, and serve.

As I did these things,

  • I began to see myself more clearly. 
  • I began to see Jesus more clearly. 

The more I sensed Him in worship, the more I found purpose in service. 

The more I learned of Him in His Word, the more I found Him in prayer. 

The more I loved Him. 

Belief, or recognition, is one thing, but love takes out the duty, the struggle, and the confusion. 

When we love Him enough to want to please Him in all things, 

  • relationships get better, 
  • decisions become clearer, and 
  • priorities get filled with purpose. 

When we love Him, His will unfolds in our lives. That does not mean all is easy, but all is blessed.

John 3:17-20 

Prayer path for this week

  1. Are there areas of my life that are not submitted to Jesus? 
  2. Am I hungry to know more of Jesus' will for my life? 
  3. Do I seek His presence?  
  4. Do I want to tell others about Him?
  5. What is my passion for my family?  
  6. Is it time to recognize Jesus as Lord? 

This is the pathway to loving Him!

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