The Way the Kingdom Works

Luke 11:1-13

Jesus was not informed by the rules of the world but by something different.

Jesus showed a world in which we could live under the power and blessing of the Father.

After being with Him one more time, they asked Him, “Will you teach us how to pray?”

They were recognizing how the power of the Father could impact their lives.

Have you ever felt helpless in the face of circumstances in your life?

Luke 11:8

One word gives us some insight to prayer: impudence

This word comes from a Greek word meaning a lack of sensitivity to what is proper: audacious or shameless.

The disciples had seen something about how the world was, and how the world works, and they saw that prayer changed the balance of power and influence.

Do you see any needs you cannot meet? The disciples saw prayer as an act to bring about change. Do you?

Jesus is saying, “You want to see the world work the way it does for me? Be shameless and audacious.  Then, you will get whatever you need.”

Jesus shores up His words:Luke 11:9-10

Seeking is active.

Prayer is about faith.

Prayer is the work of the faith-filled desperate, and the powerless, who believe the Father will bless the prayers of His people.


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