Sermon Outline

Revelation 5:1-5

The Reveal is a study of the book of Revelation.

Why should we believe in God?

Genesis 1:1

At the end of the Bible, God gives us insight into the unseen world, and He shows Himself as judge of all creation.

Revelation 5:1

At the beginning of Revelation 5, John's attention is drawn to a scroll in the right hand of God that is sealed with seven seals.

Revelation 5:5
Jesus has seven horns. The seven horns represent complete power.
He also has seven eyes. He can see all things.
These are the seven spirits of God.
Jesus takes the scroll from the One seated on the throne.
The twenty-four elders and four creatures all fall before the Lamb. He is the Holy Savior of the world. They each hold a harp to worship and have golden bowls full of incense. These are the prayers of the saints.
This is one of the great reveals of Revelation. God savors our prayers but waits for the right moment to answer.

Jesus gave us a prayer plan in the Sermon on the Mount. Those prayer topics are inMatthew 6:9-15.
Listen to the words sung by the creatures and elders:Revelation 5:9-10
Then, John hears the voices of myriads and myriads, thousands and thousands saying with a loud voice:Revelation 5:12-14

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