Sermon Outline

Revelation 22:8-16

Why did God give us this Revelation?

Revelation is a mystery unfolding.

What He said is that this Revelation will happen.

Why show us this Revelation?

The Revelation to the Church

  • God is showing the Church how it will be tempted leading up to the rapture.
  • God is showing us what is good, or what we should be doing.
  • God is calling the Church to endure.

The Revelation to the World

  • Romans 1:18-20
  • Revelation is a warning.
  • This book is a combination of two truths:
  1. Be warned
  2. Be hopeful

Revelation is About the Unseen World

  • God gives us a glimpse of heaven.
  • He tells us if we hear this word the believer will be blessed.
  • Blessed means God adds strength to our lives.
  • The overcomer, the faithful, and the obedient will find the response of God to be mighty.
  • Revelation is good to read, know, and contemplate.

 Revelation is About the Character of God

  • Genesis 17:7-8
  • Revelation shows us that God keeps His promises. His character shows when He says to us:
  • “If you put your faith in My Son and call on Me, you will be saved.”
  • “If you trust Him and obey Him, you will be blessed.”
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