Week 1 - Hebrews 11:1-6


Hebrews 11:1-6

When facing death, we have two choices:

  1. This is the end.

    If you see death as the end, it dictates one way to approach the life.

  2. There is an afterlife, what we call eternity.

There are two options with this thought and they are based on justice and judgement.

  • Our eternity depends on what we do!
  • Christianity is based on “done”.
    What Jesus has done for you.

Ephesians 2:8-9

We all in some way decide what we believe and we live our lives in accordance with that belief.

Faith is not blind. Faith is based on truth.

  • Faith comes by observation
  • Faith is a gift.  God sparks the faith within us.
  • Faith comes from the Word.

Romans 10:17

As we receive the living and active Word our hearts grow in faith.

  • The wisdom of the Word.
  • The revelation of the Word.

Faith is active.

Faith means something.

Faith reveals life.

Instead of allowing faith to rewrite us we want faith to come into us and make our life work as we want.

Instead of wanting faith to heal us we want faith to help us achieve our desires.

What is best for you?

  • To live in faith towards God.
  • To believe He has the best for you.
  • To desire and seek His will in every way.
  • To allow faith in God to remake you in every way.


Real faith does not blend God into our life, real faith surrenders to God in every way.





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