Freedom From Shame

Luke 22:54-62

Shame-driven actions lead us away from Jesus’ freedom.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

As Christians, one of the biggest mistakes we can make is mistaking shame for conviction.

Shame-driven actions drive us away from Jesus’ freedom.  Conviction helps us step into His freedom.

Shame drives us to secrecy.  Conviction drives us to accountability.

Shame drives us back into our mistakes.  Conviction drives us to progress.

Shame drives us to insecurity.  Conviction drives us to confidence in our identity in Jesus.

Conviction helps us grow as Christians.  Shame fills us with feelings of smallness.

Instead of trying to use our shame to overcome our temptation, we need to use our desire to please God to overcome temptation.

John 21:2-3,John 21:4-7,John 21:15-17

Shame has no room in our lives.  When love for God is first in our hearts, that love will free us from shame.

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