Part 1

Matthew 26:14-16

Have you ever been reading the Bible and thought, “How could you do that?”

Judas’ story is so incredible that we have to wonder, “How could he do that?”

Judas needed the money in his hands. The money would either sharpen or corrupt his character.

Is it possible that all of us have a trial that either we overcome or we are overcome by it?

There is a lesson here. Sometimes God gives a chance at His destiny and we miss it.

The truth about us is known in how we handle our assignments. For Judas it was about the purse.

Judas was without excuse.

The Bible does not say, “There are no tears in heaven.”  What the Bible says is that God will wipe away all tears.

What could possibly bring us sorrow once we are in heaven?

The memory of loved ones who never came to Jesus.

What can I do for those I love who don’t love God?

  • Be honest about their condition.
  • Pray for them.
  • Ask God how He would have you serve them.

Let’s be equipped to show what the evidence of our faith is to others.

  • How God first spoke to you
  • The testimony of creation
  • The power of the Bible
    • Wisdom
    • Prophecy
  • The Jewish people and the nation of Israel
  • The Church
  • Jesus and the His disciples

Matthew 27:3-5

Judas was the warning. Once committed, we will see the fullness of our foolishness.


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