Seek, Ask, and Follow

Joshua 9:1-6

How is life after a victory?

When we forget that God is the one who gave us victory in the first place, we become vulnerable.

Joshua 9:6-13

The enemy will present us with false evidence, and in turn, we’re led straight into temptation.

Joshua 9:14-15

Today’s principle is this: Always ask God.

When we make decisions without asking for God’s direction, we can end up in really hard situations.

John Lindell writes in his book The New Normal, “Sometimes the better a thing looks the less we inquire of God.”

Having an attitude of asking is vital to our walk with God.

The Kingdom of God is built through prayer.

James 1:5; James 3:17

“If we are willing to take the time to ask, God is always willing to answer. Directions aren’t for those who are smart, just for those who are looking.” – John Lindell

Joshua 9:16-19

God has simply called us to live according to His Word.

Joshua 10:4-5; Joshua 10:8

A faith-filled person will seek, ask, and follow.

Joshua 10:12-13; Matthew 7:7-11


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