Sermon Outline

The Seven Churches of Revelation – Pergamum

January 31, 2024 | Mark Johnson

Revelation 2:12-17

Christ addresses the message that goes to the messenger, the pastor of the church.

In each address, Jesus identifies Himself in some unique way that applies to that church. To the church of Pergamum, He says He is the one with a two-edged sword.

That sword, when we know it, defends our faith.

That sword cuts through all that is false.

The Good

  • Jesus says, “I know where you dwell; where Satan has his throne.”
  • Jesus carried the name “Faithful Witness”. Jesus now shares that name with Antipas. He calls him, “My faithful witness.”
  • The church of Pergamum has held fast to the name of Jesus as Lord. They did not deny the faith.
  • This is a call to see our testimony as the most important thing in our lives, even if it is costly.


The Bad

  • Balaam was the person that the king of Moab called on to curse Israel after they came out of Egypt.
  • Balaam told the king of Moab to entice them to worship idols and to sexual immorality.
  • Concerning the Nicoliatans, it is not perfectly clear what the issues were. However, it seems there was a teaching that you could be under the redemption of Jesus, but what you did sexually did not matter.
  • This was not about a single individual’s actions. If it had been, Jesus would have called that individual out.
  • This was about people teaching the doctrine in the church, and the church not rebuking the lies and bringing the truth to bear.
  • To continue with people who claim Christ as Savior, but deny His place of lordship, is a harm to the church’s witness and is displeasing to God.
  • It was allowed, but with Jesus it would not stand.

The Promise

  • “To the one who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna.” He will feed our souls with food that gives life to our very being and health to our spirit. It will grow the fruit of the Spirit in us.
  • “I will give him a white stone.” In those times, a white stone was used as a vote of “not guilty” in a trial.
  • This is a statement of forgiveness and spiritual innocence. For someone who overcame temptation, it would be a promise of entrance into heaven. Spiritually it represents that the carrier has a new nature, new authority, and full inheritance in the kingdom of God.
  • To the victor comes sustaining food for earth that brings a new nature and new authority.


  • Is there any place or time in life where you hide your commitment to Christ so life goes easier for you?
  • Is there any place in your life where you are compromising biblical morality for your pleasure?
  • Is there any place in life where you accept those who claim to be followers of Jesus, yet live their lives outside His moral law?

Do you sense the sustaining food of the Spirit in your life?

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