Proverbs 22:6

Last week we talked about Pillar One - Goals

For a human being to have a shared goal there needs to be unity around a desired end.


  1. You have to have a plan of execution.
  2. Work for “buy in” from all involved. This involves a desired end.
  3. Goals have to be prioritized.

Look at your list. What is the most important?

You have to set the priorities on goals.

How to set priorities - What is their importance?

  1. Is it fun and something good to do?
  2. Does it impact their future life on earth?
  3. How does it impact their walk with God now and in eternity?

Kids are kids and they will, by nature, reverse that order.


Pillar Two - Prayer

Prayer with your children should be comfortable and natural.

How does anything become comfortable and natural?

When it is done over and over again

Prayer was a very natural part of our lives every day.

We never prayed as punishment.

I now believe that the most important action we took with our kids was to pray for them every day.

What if you haven’t been doing this? 

Just tell them that you love them and God loves them and we want to take time to ask for His guidance every day.

  1. These prayers do not have to be long.
  2. These prayers have to be heartfelt.
  3. These prayers should be relevant for life.
  4. Pray for the God-given goals.
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