Sermon Outline

The Seven Churches - Philadelphia

February 21, 2023 | Mark Johnson

Revelation 3:7-13

Jesus identified Himself to each church. To the church of Philadelphia, He says:

  • He is the Holy One. He is pure and complete in all ways.
  • He is true. Everything that conflicts with Him is false.
  • He has the key of David. He brings the very kingdom of David, the fulfillment of the promise to David.

Jesus says He knows their works. All through these churches, Jesus recognizes if they are working faithfully.

He commends the workers.

What should our goal be?

  • He has set before them an open door.
  • Sometimes the work seems slow to bear fruit. If that church will be faithful, no one can shut that door.
  • This applies to the church and the individual.

Jesus recognizes that though they have little influence, they have kept His word and not denied His name.

Once again, we see the goal of our lives is to endure. 

The term “Synagogue of Satan” applies to those who claim God and claim they are followers of Him, but they lie. They go against God’s revelation.

In that hour, we are called to hold to Jesus’ word and name.

The Word turns prophetic for all of us.

For those who keep His word and hold to it with patient endurance, “You will be kept from the trial coming on the whole world.”

Don’t let anyone or anything seize your crown.  Crowns are rewards for service on earth.

All through these books, Jesus promises eternal rewards to those who endure and remain faithful.

Some things to consider:

  • Are you working faithfully? Begin in the church where we are called to build one another up.
  • Are you frustrated with slow growing fruit in your family and friends? Be patient.
  • Are you being tempted or influenced by those who say they follow God, but contradict God’s word?
  • Do you submit every thought, action, and attitude to Him because He is true?

We want to hear, “Well done.”

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