Luke 5:12-39

Luke 1:1-4


  • Where did the stories come from?  
    Eyewitness accounts

  • What is the purpose of the book?  
    Certainty of faith

Luke did not write the book in chronological order

There are many truths that we can get out of all of the scripture.

However, understanding the purpose of the book gives us insight.

As you read each passage in Luke, notice how he is building certainty of faith.

Before we take a look at the events, let’s look at one action of Jesus. 

Luke 5:16

Jesus found strength, solace, encouragement, and direction in the presence of the Father.
We will as well.

If Jesus found prayer powerful and worthwhile, how much more will we if we seek the Father?

Learn how to pray. This takes effort.


The Events of Chapter 5

1. His power over our bodies

These stories are meant to build our faith in who He was and in what He can do today.

  •  The leper

  • A paralyzed man

Jesus doesn’t heal him right off; instead Jesus tells him, “your sins are forgiven.”

This is Jesus claiming to be God.  Luke 5:22-24

Jesus can and will forgive those who come to Him humbly and with faith.

2. Self-righteousness

Luke tells two stories to show the unique attitude of Jesus to men.

  • The story of Levi
    Levi is Matthew, but he was a tax collector.

Jesus’ response in Luke 5:31-32

What does this teach us about reaching out to the lost?

Look at verse 32. Why is Jesus at the party? 

Jesus’ attitude toward sinners is different than other religious leaders. He is loving, patient, kind, and relational.

He is never tolerant or assuring.
He calls for repentance

  • The call to fasting
    The Bible teaches us that there is power in fasting. God honors fasting.

    - It can be done for the wrong reason.

    - It can be done at the wrong time.

The day is coming that they will fast. If we want to overcome strongholds we should fast.

Fasting is spiritually powerful; it is a way to enter into combat and destroy strongholds.

Luke 5:36-39



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