Hypocrisy kills faith.

Philippians 4:5

As humans, we begin to talk.

Humans learn words and what they mean.

Here is a key; When they say “no” to you they know what no means.

Words are supposed to be tied to reason.

Reason is supposed to be foundational to character and decisions.

Humans are supposed to be a reasonable people, not simply emotional or selfish.

Humans have to be taught to be reasonable.

We have to learn to think through decisions and learn to make informed decisions.

Those are decisions that are aimed at the highest good.

They are not simply what is easy, convenient, or for my good.

Here are two answers to fit throwing.

  1. Send them to their room until they are ready to talk.
  1. Sit and watch them.

When we don’t reason with our children, they never learn to use reasoning power.

Reasoning is not simply yelling at them.

Reasoning spells out the “why.”

Consequences and rewards are a way to teach reasoning skills.

The ‘why’ is a big part of the preferable future because it teaches them to think before they act. Reasoning teaches them to be outcome based in their decisions.

Words connect us with reason, and that should build character and wisdom in decisions.

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