Sermon Outline

Prepare by reading:

  • Acts 18:18-28
  • Acts 19:1-41
  • Ephesians
  • Revelation 2:1-7

Revelation 2:1-7

Revelation 2:1-2

Jesus speaks a word to John to be written to the church in Ephesus.

To the angel

  • An angel is protecting the church
  • Angel means “messenger”

To the pastor of the church

  • “I know your works”

Jesus commends them

  • For their toil and labor
  • For their perseverance
  • For testing teachings

They have found false teachings and rejected them.

The warnings about false teachers are for us.

To be able to defend ourselves, we need to know the fruit of the lives of our teachers.

To defend ourselves from false teachers, we need to know the Word in its fullest.

The church at Ephesus has done well. This should be our goal.

Revelation 2:4-6

I have this against you.

  • “You have abandoned the love you had at first.”
    • Love deals with two things:
  1. Our love for each other
  2. Our love for God
  • You can hate what God hates and not love what God loves.

This word to Ephesus starts off to the angel or messenger, but it is to all the people.

Revelation 2:7

This message, and all that the Spirit says to all the churches, are to all who will hear and to the ones who conquer.

Revelation 22:1-5 – This is the promise if we hear and obey the messages to the churches.

Things to consider:

  • Are you careful about false teachings?
  • Are you faithful to your first love, to each other, and to the Lord?
  • Are you working in ministry to others? Are you doing what you’re gifted to do?
  • Are you willing to hear the word of Jesus and apply it to your life?

Take these questions into your appointment with God and let the Spirit guide you.

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