Unforgiving Servant - Matthew 18

-Matthew 18:21-35

Context and Audience - Matthew 18:1-20

All of Matthew 18 is talking about how sin is dealt with as a community.

Vs 18:1-6
– Warning on causing others to sin and consequences that follow

  • Sin here is literally “stumbling block

Vs 18:7-9
– Take whatever measures are necessary for you to not be in a position to cave into the temptation to sin

Vs 18:10-14
– God’s compassion for those who wander from the flock

Vs 18:15-20
– How to rightly confront someone who has sinned against you

Peter’s Question - Matthew 18:21
Sin: this is the more regular word that means “to miss the mark
Forgive: releasing from a debt that is owed, letting go of a vindictive spirit, and entrusting that person to God

Jesus’ Answer - Matthew 18:22
As Peter shows generosity, Jesus promotes extravagance.

The Parable - Matthew 18:23-35

Vs 18:23

Vs 18:24-27

Vs 18:28-30

Vs 18:31-35
- Mercy is the removal of a deserved punishment.

How can you forgive (and keep forgiving) the sin of others?
You remember the extravagant forgiveness that God has shown you, so you can be generous with your forgiveness.

God’s extravagance fuels our generosity.

Who do you need to forgive?
What are you holding onto?
What has God forgiven you of?

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