A Hundred Years from Now

“The key to dreaming big is thinking long. And the bigger the dream, the longer the timeline. If you’re thinking in terms of eternity, you should have some dreams that can’t be accomplished in your lifetime.” –Batterson

Psalm 78:5-7

Are you living with your legacy in mind?

What are you doing today that will impact tomorrow?

  • Be excited when our church invests in young people.
  • Be happy to see children and teens in our building.
  • Be a prayer warrior on behalf of the next generation of our church.
  • Be open to a God-sized dream. Be ready for it to turn your life upside down.

“Jesus didn’t die just to keep you safe.

He died to make you dangerous.

Can I tell you who I think you are?

You are a lion chaser.

Do what you were destined to do.

Chase the Lion!”

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