Lesson Eleven - Various Wise Sayings


Proverbs 1:1-6 

All of Proverbs is about “The Art of Living.”

This is a book of instructions on how to be wise
The only true wisdom is God’s wisdom.

Wisdom from God will teach us:

  • Righteousness - what is right and how to do it

  • Justice - what is fair

  • Equity - seems to mean now to be aligned with God’s will

All of these have to do with being right in a moral sense.

The simple and youth/inexperienced get:

  • Knowledge - like they have seen life.  

  • Discretion - this helps us from being fooled by others.  

The wise increase in learning.
Those who understand come here for guidance. 


Proverbs 22:22-23
The word for poor is about the feeble or weak.  

The gate in this day was the court of justice.  

  • Don’t hold back from the weak just because you can.

  • The Lord loves fairness and reacts to oppression

Here is the promise for all to hear: God will be a God of justice


Proverbs 22:24-25   
Friendship is a big deal in the Bible. 

Here is a guidance, to not be in friendship with a person given to anger or revenge

Learn His ways. 

  • Anger eventually gets focused on you.  

  • You become like them and are tainted by them.

Don’t hang out with people who easily get angry. 


Proverbs 22:28
It doesn’t say father, but fathers.  

This would have had to do with property lines, territorial lines, and religious symbols and markers.

What does it mean to us today? 

  • Don’t change the sense of right and wrong

  • Don’t do things they said not to do.

  • Don’t stop doing things they told you to do. 

 Beware of compromise. 




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