The Magnificat
Luke 1:46-55
Mary is the most unique in all history because she is the mother of Jesus, the only begotten Son of God. 
As we celebrate today, it is good to look at Mary's words. 
Where Mary has this special place in all of mankind's history, our places are certainly more limited.
We do have a divine calling and place. 
Luke 1:46-48
When you know how you will be used of God, there is a deep appreciation and joy for that calling. 
When you find your calling, it comes loaded with burden. 
However, eternal work will breathe life into your existence. 
Mary is moved that God would use her.
Generations will call her blessed.
Luke 1:49-50
Mary speaks to the greatness of God.
" The might of God is obvious in her life. 
" She speaks to the holiness of God.
" She speaks to the mercy of God.
Luke 1:51-55
Mary speaks to God in action.
Mary prophecies to the work of God that is coming to bear.
God is fulfilling His promise to Abraham. He is keeping His word.
This baby is the King of all Kings. All are called to submit to Him.
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