Sermon Outline

John 3:16-18

The word love in these passages is agape.

  • Agape is recognized as the highest form of love.
  • Agape has to do with desiring the best for another.
  • Agape is self-sacrificing.
  • Agape contains affection.

Have you ever felt agape for others? Have you experienced agape from someone?

Jesus, sent by the Father, is love for our sake.

His love is expressed in Him coming for our good, and in His sacrifice for our salvation.

Christmas is the celebration of the coming of Christ. This time Jesus came as a baby.

Jesus came to free us from condemnation. He came to save us.

Jesus came to rescue us from:

  • eternal condemnation and separation from God which is eternal hope.
  • the hold of the sin nature.

Because of the sin nature, the world is in chaos.

Christ came to free us from the condemnation of sin and the nature of sin.

This is why we celebrate Christmas.

For God so loved the world He gave.

He sent His Son so the power of the sin nature could be broken and we could become new creations in Christ Jesus.

Have you ever looked back and seen a time when you clearly acted in the nature of selfishness, where you caused pain to others through your words or actions? Have you ever looked back to a time when you acted in love and your life helped someone?

Consider and see what Jesus has done in your life. How do you feel in your spirit about those times?

Have you ever looked back to when your life was held in bondage of bitterness, anger, addictions, or wounds? Can you see your life as an overcomer, free, healed, and at peace?

How has Jesus changed your life?

Have you gone to the graveside of someone that you weren’t sure if they had put their trust in Christ?  Have you gone to the graveside of someone who you knew had put their trust in Christ?

One is sorrow and concern. The other is sorrow and celebration.

Have you contemplated your mortality? How does it change what you see of your end on this earth with or without Jesus?

Consider these questions:

  • Do you meditate on the love of God and what He did?
  • Do you see the outcome of Jesus in your life?

Ask the Spirit to deepen your love for God!

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