Sermon Outline

Matthew 26:69-75

What must Peter have thought especially after the resurrection and seeing Jesus risen from the dead?

Have you ever felt that there is no recovery for you?

Can you hear and receive into your spirit that no matter what you have done, you can find new life in Jesus?

Matthew 1:20-21

John 3:17

Was there anyone that came to Jesus looking for new life that was told, “You have gone too far?”

Peter was in agony. Jesus did not stay in the grave, but He conquered death. He went to Peter, but the matter seemed unsettled. What was Peter's future?

John 21:15-19

Jesus came to save His people. Through the life of Peter, He shows us forgiveness is for those who rush to Him. Those broken over their weaknesses can find strength in Him. Those who are weak can find power in Him.

Jesus came as a baby by the will of the Father, and was anointed by the Spirit, so we can be saved.

Jesus came so all the world could be saved through Him.

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