Sermon Outline

The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Revelation 1:1-3
The Stated Purpose
Revelation means to reveal or unveil.
Revelation is a book that contains divine mysteries.
This revelation is about things that are about to happen and things that will happen in the end times.
What we know about Revelation:
" The divine author is Jesus Christ.
" Jesus shows this message to His servant John.
" The message is to be told to Jesus' servants.
Revelation 1:3 begins with the word blessed which means happy in spirit, content, and full of satisfaction.
Who is blessed? He who reads the words aloud.
There are great blessings promised to certain people.
" Those who read the Word aloud
" Those who listen to the Word
" Those who obey what was written
The word blessed is used seven times in the book of Revelation.
There are several lists of seven in the book of Revelation. Seven is a Biblical number that speaks to completeness.
The seven blessed statements in Revelation are found inRevelation 1:3,14:13,16:15,19:9, 20:6,and 22:7.
If you want to be blessed, read these passages and live by them.
In your Bible, highlightRevelation 1:1 - "The things that must soon take place."
The Seven Churches
Many believe that these seven churches represent:
" all the temptation any church will face.
" all the works all churches are called to do.
" all the blessings we can achieve.
Completeness - Through this revelation we find a word for us.

John's Introduction to the Churches

Who is the one revealing the mystery?  "Grace and Peace from Him who is and who was and who is to come."
" The Father
" The Seven Spirits
" Jesus Christ
o The Faithful Witness, The Firstborn of the Dead, Ruler of the Kings of the Earth 
o He loves us, He has freed us from sin, He has made us a Kingdom, He has made us priests to His God and Father
He is coming in the clouds, and the world will see Him. This is the second coming, not the rapture of the Church.
When this word comes to John by an angel, he is told to write it down and give it to the seven churches that are named inRevelation 1:11.
John identifies himself as:
" a partner in tribulation.
" committed to the kingdom of God. 
" committed to patient endurance.
He sees Jesus in His awesome glory. What is Jesus doing? He's walking among the lampstands of the churches to bless and to guide.
Jesus tells him:
" We are to fear not. 
" He died and is now alive forever more. 
" He has the keys to death and hades. 
These are clear instructions that help us understand Revelation.
Key Insight
Write the things you have seen, those that are currently happening, and those that are to take place.
These are the past, the present, and the future events that will happen.
They are not an allegory.
Revelation shows us a great spiritual conflict and how it impacts our physical lives.
Revelation 1:9-20
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