The Faith That Changes Everything

1 Samuel 17:8-11
BIG IDEA: The exercise of our faith radically changes God's involvement in our lives, thus changing everything.
Do you see the problem or do you see the opportunity?
BIG IDEA: God has more He wants to do through you!
1 Samuel 17:22-23
Today we're talking about the faith that changes everything.
The word faith appears 235 times in the New Testament (NIV).
God uses our daily lives to build our faith.
The king had promised great rewards for the man who would fight the giant.
" This is true today. There is great reward for the faithful, both here on earth and in heaven.
" David had seen God's hand in his life already. David was prepared for this moment.
I Samuel 17:31-36
This is a picture of extraordinary faith.
1. Extraordinary faith is shown by how we respond in the face of defiance.
" The person of faith has a natural desire for the rights of God.
" David did not understand the fear of man when God was being defied.

" True faith believes in God's plan in the face of trial.

2. A man with extraordinary faith trusts God with what he has.
" Extraordinary faith goes out with what he has. Faith knows we need no more.
" Big things and small things happen when people of extraordinary faith trust God and act.
" Are you willing to be used by God to do eternal work?

3. Extraordinary faith stands on the will of God.
" David had learned to trust in the will of God.
" For the most part, David functioned in the kingdom of God.
" David was a man after God's heart.

A man of faith has a God-given destiny of eternal value.
Psalm 37:1-6
The words of a man of faith: David King of Israel!
God was personal to David, and he didn't want to fail him. Is he personal to you?

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