God has more He wants to do through you!
" Through this series, we want you to capture each moment and tap into your God-given potential to significantly impact those you encounter on a regular basis.
"John 10:10
" You can review the entire story of Arrow Striker in 2 Kings 13.
What will you do with what God has given us?
Matthew 25:14-30
You always have more than enough for the next opportunity.
Matthew 25:15
" We are equal in God's eyes, but we don't all have the same equity in terms of our gifts and abilities.
" The giftedness of each of us varies and so do the expectations based on those gifts.
"1 Corinthians 12: 14-18
" Jesus is showing His listeners that God will give us what we need to accomplish the next opportunity.
"2 Peter 1:3, 1Peter 4:10-11
" When we understand who the Gift-Giver is, it changes what we do with the gift.
" It should motivate us to invest in others, take the next opportunity, and use it to honor the Lord.
" Here is the reality: God wants to partner with you to accomplish His purpose.

What you think of God will impact your opportunity.
Matthew 25:24-25
" God takes His investment in us seriously. He does this for a reason. It was expensive.
"Ephesians 2:8-10
" Once you are saved, you need to be about our Father's business. He's called us to invest.
Opportunity that is invested right, results in more opportunity.
"Matthew 25:28-29
God has more He wants to do through you!

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