The Resurrection Makes Sense

Luke 24:1-7

The resurrection story is either the most important event in history or it is the biggest hoax in history.

The death and resurrection of Jesus make sense of the church.

Jesus’ crucifixion should be the end of His story.

About fifty days after His death, His disciples began to say, “He’s alive and He is in charge.”

The Church is here today because of one message: Jesus is the risen Son of God.

The death and resurrection of Jesus make sense of the world.

Mankind cannot build a civilized utopia.

Jesus said this world is built on the foundation of the corrupt nature of man.

If Jesus could do all that His followers claimed He could do, why would He allow Himself to be crucified?

Jesus said He must be lifted up to draw all men unto Him.

Jesus’ death and resurrection make a way for the fundamental problem of the world, our nature, to be fixed. 

The death and resurrection of Jesus make sense of our lives.

If the resurrection is not true, then nothing in the Bible is true.

No matter what is piled on your life, there is always the power of the resurrection.

If the death and resurrection of Jesus are true, it informs all of life.

Jesus’ death on the cross tells us why bad things happen to us.

Jesus’ resurrection tells us that we can fully recover from the pain and rejection of life.

Jesus’ resurrection tells us this world is not our home.

The resurrection changes everything.

Jesus says to bring Him your brokenness and He will make you whole.

The death and resurrection of Jesus mean He can take my mess and make it perfect.

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