The Gift

John 3:1-7

The Pharisees were a religious sect that were active in Palestine.

  • History tells us they were around since the time of Ezra.
  • Many Pharisees saw the blessing of God coming through their heritage and their work.
  • Jesus and the Pharisees had a clash of cultures.
  • The Pharisees are all about the law.

Some make a big deal out of Nicodemus coming to Jesus at night saying, “We know that you are a teacher from God.”

  • Jesus cuts straight to the clash point.
  • To really love Jesus, you have to look deep into the stories.
  • Nicodemus says, “You’ve got to be from God to be able to do what you do.” So, what’s the deal?
  • Jesus answers “Truly, truly”, or “I’m telling you.”
  • Unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

We can’t just hear with physical ears, we have to hear from the heart. It is spiritual rebirth that changes you.

The Moral Law, the laws of conduct, sets a standard that proves unreachable.

To live by this standard, you must see the kingdom of God, not with your eyes, but with your heart. It must be natural in you.

Nicodemus asks, “How can this be?”  This is where Jesus reminds him you have to see spiritual things.

Jesus is saying that the supernatural power is available to you!

Galatians 5:22-23 This is what Jesus is offering. It is not by law.

Do you want a nature like that? Do you know who He is?  Ask Him for living water

The gift of Jesus is eternal life, and it starts now!!!

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